Why Do We Like Zoom App Marketplace?

The Zoom App Marketplace is a secure and open platform that permits third-party initiators to generate applications that leverage Zoom’s videoconference platform that spans voice, content sharing, video, and chat across mobile, workspaces, and desktop.   Launched in 2018, Zoom App Marketplace has continued to heighten month after month, adjoining thousands of new developers generating products that make … Read more

10 Zoom Interview Tips for Job Candidates

Zoom is a video-conferencing platform that has immensely gained popularity for video/remote job interviews and business meetings. It’s free for all job-seeking candidates, and the employer should control most of the system. But there are some crucial things one needs to know to avoid any mistake.  In this article, we’ll walk you through 10 Zoom interview … Read more

What Is Zoom Classroom?

Digital classrooms have been—and still are among the core aspects of distance learning. Accounting for its relevance and popularity, over 6 million Americans are now pursuing some form of online education.  That is quite the development, given how such things would be unfathomable a decade back. So what brought about this change? With any massive shift in … Read more

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